At Donaldson Educational Services, we offer a plethora of online courses as well as classroom experience. Students may take courses in appraisal, mortgage lending, insurance, home inspection, notary, and contracting. Donaldson has consistently maintained a high-level quality education, and to spread its values and dedication to professionals throughout these industries.

If you are looking to advance your life into the real estate industry, experiencing real estate school with Donaldson Educational Services School of Real Estate will change your path for the better.We offer online courses that fit your busy schedule, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. As an active professional, time is precious, so at Donaldson lets you start your courses on your own terms.

Once you enroll in and complete your real estate license requirements, you will need to apply for a real estate license. Once your application is accepted, you will register for your state’s real estate license exam – make sure to read over the requirements in your state, as they can vary. Many states also require you gain sponsorship from a local real estate agency. This is a great way of getting your foot in the door!At Donaldson Educational Services, our courses are designed to help you pass the licensing exam, as the educational professionals have always been dedicated to the success of our students. The Donaldson System says that, if you do not pass, we pay for you to retake the exam!

There are key advantages to finally reaching your goal in obtaining your real estate license. With all your hard work, you want to know that it will pay off. When you get your real estate license, you can access what is known as the MLS, which is a national portal for American real estate. You can search by state, city, county, and neighborhood – whichever comes to benefit you best.

With a real estate license, you can also gain the ability to form relationships with local agents in your area. These connections will help you get better deals, which can mean a better commission. If you make a deal worth $100,000, you may receive a 4 percent commission. After broker fees, you could get as much as $3,000. As you snag better and better deals, your commissions will be more and more impressive. For most, the commission is one of the least important benefits, although, with access to MLS, you can find and secure the best deals.

Too many working adults are unsatisfied with their current job or career, or simply want to pursue something else that they have always been passionate about that. At Donaldson Educational Services, we want you to realize your passion for real estate and become accomplished in your field.